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Democratic youth movement in West Bengal got a fresh lease of life in the turbulent sixties when some young revolutionaries under the leadership of a young Marxist visionary Comrade Dinesh Majumder established D. Y. F. (Democratic Youth Federation) on 9th June, 1968. This new organisation mobilised young men and women to fight for their rightful demands and soon emerged as the strongest and the most popular youth organisation in west Bengal. Several such organizations, committed to the ideas of freedom, democracy and socialism merged to form a new all-India youth organisation Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) in 1980 at Jalandhar, Punjab.

Since its inception, DYFI has been organising the democratic mind of youth of our country to establish a progressive social system and over-all betterment of the youth community in India. It carries forward the legacy of
our anti-imperialist national liberation struggle and makes every endeavour to resist any onslaught on our national sovereignty. DYFI strongly believes that India's future lies in the fulfillment of the needs and aspirations of her youth. DYFI is committed to put an end to all forms of exploitation and social injustice and expresses solidarity with other democratic mass movements inside our country and also across the globe.

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